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Monday, September 6, 2010

Jazz is the African version of European music

I would say the jazz is the african version of European romantic music because africans learned far more advanced music from European and make their own genre called jazz by copying european romantic music and mixing their rhythm and harmony into complexity of European romantic music.

denying European influence on jazz music is arrogance and jealousy. I would say jazz is mostly ripped off from European music more and partly influenced by african music by african. Jazz is african music that african made when they first met the new world of highly complicated European romantic music and ripped off from it. african and Americans just deny it because of their patriotism. africans also use european music instruments not their own. American Musics are degraded music that is cheap and simple, It's only popular because americans use their jewish media power to market their cheap impulsive music to make more money. american media influence ,that spread cheap instant american music, stop the development of music and degrade European and Asian people's highly developed music level to primitive level, low quality music and impulsive music that promotes violence and adultery world wide. music started to degrade to primitive era of music from highly developed and complicated music culture from Europe and Asia in modern time by adopting the low quality american music to just simply make more money by greedy people that use people's impulsive desire. Powerful american media has done a vast job in degrading music level to primitive african music level again by politically forcing other countries to play cheap american music in mass media and economically using people's impulsive desire that is wanting to stick to simple and cumpulsive culture to make more money. cheap American music that promotes adultery and violence is certainly bad influence to people by strong american media. Jazz is not on par with baroque and romantic music in its complexity and sophistication, but africans did great job to vastly improve their primitive music by learning from highly developed european music to make improved african genre

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