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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

‘Metal type believed to be world’s oldest’ (속보)세계에서 가장 오래된 금속 활자로 알려졌던 직지심경보다 오래된 활자 발견.

A Korean professor said Wednesday he had found the world’s oldest movable metal print type, predating “Jikji.” “Jikji” is a book printed using movable metal type which dates from 1377, during the Goryeo Kingdom.

Dabosung Antique said Nam Kwon-hee, a Kyungpook University professor, found metal printing blocks from the Goryeo Kingdom called “Jeungdoga-Ja” which predate “Jikji” by 138 years.
A metal block of “Jeungdoga-Ja” which may predate the world’s oldest movable metal
type print book, “Jikji.” Dabosung Antique

Jikji, the world's oldest movable metal type print book

Previously, UNESCO had confirmed “Jikji,” the abbreviated title of a Korean Buddhist document, as the world’s oldest extant book printed with movable metal type.
If the newly found blocks are confirmed as the world’s oldest, it could change ideas about the history of printing.

“It is an important data proving the remarkable printing technique of 13th century,” wrote Kim Jong-choon, president of the Korea Antique Association, in a preface to the catalogue for the exhibition showcasing the metal types which starts Friday at Dabosung Antique in Insa-dong, Seoul.


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