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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sprinting Giant Usain Bolt Wants To Become a Professional Footballer

Sprinting god Usain Bolt has said that he wants to pursue a second career in sport as ... a footballer.

Before he steps out onto the pitch, the Jamaican sprinter wants to set an amazing 100m record of 9.4 seconds - a time he says will "probably never be beaten".

He hopes to swap his running shoes to football boots in about four years time, at the age of 28.

He even knows where he plays best on the pitch - "I'm definitely a good player - a defensive or attacking midfielder."

He believes he has what it takes, "I always watch those guys and I think I could be a professional footballer."

"I'd like to play football for two years. Maybe I could get into a good side or even an average side."

Bolt in a Manchester United fan, but playing for them is a dream that is even too far away for him.

When he was younger, he was going to be a cricketer. If it wasn't for his coach, he would have never set foot on the track and wouldn't have been named 'the fastest man on the planet'.

"I was playing cricket one day and my coach said, 'You know what? Try track and field', because I was running pretty quickly."

Lets be honest though.

Usain Bolt in the worlds fastest man. Why would he give up the fame and medals for a career that may never happen?

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