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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sale: $ 99,-for a TouchPad with webOS HP

Posted on August 22, 2011 |

And the next slap in the face for all early HP TouchPad, now HP in United States begins with the field discharge and sold the webOS tablet in the United States and Canada for just $. 99,- This applies to the version with 16 GB, which would have 32 GB of memory, must be put on the table, 150-dollar. The Sell-off is to start today, there is no information about a possible sell-off in Europe yet, it can be assumed but firmly.

Who buys now a TouchPad? For 80-100 euros would consider that myself. This is really annoying, but for owners of a TouchPad, after everything they have relied on HP and its investment in webOS, a high price paid and were therefore bitterly disappointed. Now they even sell the possibility the tablet with low loss, because HP new devices for only 99,-dollar copies sold. And the straight times 2 days after the announcement.

HP makes with its current strategy does not have any friends and harms the image of his mark, times, except for financial losses, which currently is a fiasco for the company from the United States. Pre 3 would have canceled by way and not just more arrives in shops, as it seems with zukünftien updates for webOS remains to be seen.

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