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Monday, September 26, 2011

Stunning sun photographs taken by amateur

Star gazer Andy Devey's head is in the clouds after his close-up snaps of the sun, taken from his back garden, were featured on the Nasa website.

His spectacular pictures are now being viewed by millions of space fans around the globe who regularly log on to the world famous website, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.

Andy, 55, a retired colliery manager, who has been an amateur astronomer for six years, uses a host of telescopes and cameras to capture the images from his back garden in Darton, Barnsley.

Other sun shots he's taken have made the front cover of the British Astronomical year book for 2011.

The sun was born 4.6billion years ago and is roughly 100 times wider than the Earth, with a diameter of 840,000 miles ­ and is a fair bit hotter, too.

Its surface temperature is in the region of 5,500C, rising to a whopping 15,000,000C at the center.

This is where hydrogen, which makes up 75 percent of the sun’s mass, is fused into helium at the rate of half a million tons every second. It’s a lot, but there’s enough hydrogen to keep the sun burning for around 5 billion years.

When its hydrogen reserves run out, it will expand into a red giant star and could engulf the Earth.

At this point it will just be burning helium. When that, too, runs out, the sun will collapse into a white dwarf the size of the Earth, made of carbon and oxygen.

It will take billions of years to cool down to the background temperature of the Universe.

초근접 태양 사진 화제 "보기만 해도 뜨거워"

英 아마추어 천문학자, 집 앞마당에서 찍어

앞마당 초근접 태양 사진이 세계 네티즌들의 시선을 사로잡고 있다.

아마추어 천문학자 앤디 디베이(Andy Devey·55)가 영국 반즐리에 위치한 자신의 집 앞마당에서 촬영한 초근접 태양 사진이 공개돼 눈길을 끌고 있다.

디베이는 자신의 앞마당에서 평소 천체를 찍던 카메라와 망원 렌즈 등을 이용해 초근접 태양 사진을 촬영했다.

앞마당 초근접 태양 사진은 온도가 5,500℃가 넘는 태양 표면을 담고 있다. 휘몰아치는 태양의 열기와 흑점이 생생하게 촬영돼 놀라움을 자아내고 있다.

미국우주항공국(NASA)이 전문 장비로 촬영한 사진과 비교해도 전혀 손색없는 수준.

사진을 접한 네티즌들은 “대박, 어떻게 찍었지?", “아마추어가 아닌거 같다는", "보는 것만으로도 뜨거워" 등의 댓글로 다양한 반응을 보이고 있다.

디베이는 탄광 매니저로 일하다 은퇴 이후 6년 전부터 아마추어 천문학자로 활동해 온 것으로 알려졌다.

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