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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nadal excuse 2010 aus open against ferrer

johnnyemh 1 year ago

Excuse me. This is funny, …"but he got beaten by a better player." To say that somebody is "better" player that an injured one, to me is plain stupidity. When you compare 2 players, one is BETTER than the other, when that one CONSISTENTLY is better than the second one. This is not the case. What we can say about Ferrer in this case? That he was the luckiest of the two AND NOTHING MORE. For instance, is like saying that for instance if car A (a Mercedes) competes with car B (a Nissan) both of the same power, and for a bad luck one of the spar-plugs of the Mercedes goes bad, an of course, the Nissan wins the race. In this case, can we say that the Nissan is a better car than the Mercedes? That inference will be given by somebody that doesn't know an iota of logic and reality. More clear than this only water. Give me a brake!

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