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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

nadal excuse

  • @comantibi So what if Davydenko challenged a line call this is professional tennis these guys play for points and money it is a business. If Nadal is so sick why didn't he just have a walkover? I am tired of Nadal and his fans making excuses EVERY single time the man loses! Nadal needs to grow up and get some humility and maturity. It is so classless and ungracious to create and manufacture an excuse every time you LOSE. Davydenko has beaten Nadal six out of the ten times they have played.

  • The point is Nadal always has excuses when he is losing. By the way Nadal fans he has a losing record 6-4 against Davydenko for a reason! Davydenko robs Nadal of time he is very quick, takes the ball on the rise and forces Nadal into errors.

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