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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Egypt Al Fayyum people are Greek

yes most face are greek (Fayum) and others are italians (Ravenna).
Pompei not was a greek city like Naples or Taranto, she was an italic (samnitic) city but all south of Italy was very influenced by Greek culture that is true.
I love Greece:)
The truth is that most of these people are Greeks of Egypt. Greeks conquered and governed Egypt for centuries. They built a lot of cities-colonies like Alexandria, Arsinoe (Fayum) and many others.
Some other faces are also Greek paintings in Italy (Pompeii).For example:0:11-0:19 Alkaios and Sappho (the great Greek poets)
Yes my friend, but i meant that the painters were Greeks (even in Pompeii). In Roman period a lot of Greek artists,architects,painters,sc­ulptors etc. made public works for Roman Empire.

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