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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hispania was the most important region in the Roman Empire

The French were Latinized, but that doesn't means they are Latin/Roman by blood. Most French people are the decedents of the Gauls, a Germanic tribe. Compare us and the Italians to the French. We are more olive skin than the French. We and the Italians are the decedents of the Romans. There are though people who are roman by blood and are French, its just that most aren't.

You guys pretend to be Romans not us.Hispania(Spain) was the most important region in the Roman Empire after Italy. Many emperors were from Spain, and the Legions of Rome were trained in Spain to fight the natives of France, the Gauls, and other Germanic tribes.

@zL- You are freaking retarded, the Latins are caucasian, they were the Romans. The guys who destroyed your barbaric people, the germans
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