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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Illyrians and Thracians are e1b1b

OK, the map is much better now.

And You're right, Peloponnese sholud be further investigated.

But, the data about the Peloponnese from Semino et al are used, for example:

It is interesting that Peloponnese and Kosovo have the highest peak E1b1b.

It wolud be very interesting to explore E1b1b in Romania (and Bulgaria).

Why is the Romania interesting?

Because there are opinions that the Dacians (and Thracians also) are originally E1b1b.

If it is true, Illyrians, Greek tribes, Thracians and Dacians are the same root, early (Neolithic) farmers.

Kalevy Week (2008) about Balkan:

"Clans E3b, J and G and represent the Early Farmers."

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