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Saturday, December 22, 2012

italians testosterone

Yeah that is true. Men with higher Testosterone levels stop growing earlier on average.
But, That is actually a burden.

The reason Asians & Whites might be more Intelligent than Blacks & Latinos is due to going through puberty later. Same could be said with Men vs Women.

But, all in all I find it hard to believe Mexicans have the highest Testosterone levels.

They have trouble growing facial hair. They often have quite high pitch voices.

I find it just as hard to believe that Mexicans have the lowest Estrogen levels.

I live in an area with alot of Mexicans. I see more Mexican men with Man boobs than any other race.

I see nothing in the characteristics of Mexicans that would make me think they had high Testosterone & Low Estrogen.

People like Italians, African Americans ect yeah I see alot of high Testosterone traits in them. But, I don't see it in Mexicans.

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