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Monday, December 3, 2012

Spaniards don't have north african blood

1) Moors did not occupied entire "spain" for about 800 years. They occupied ONLY a small region of iberia 800 years.
2) Moors were a elite of rulers. They were only a tiny % of the population.
3) Most of the local population were forced to the conversion but many voluntarily converted to Islam.
4) They almost (locals and this elite rulers) did not intermixed. Social status and religion were strong barriers.
5) Northern kingdoms were fighting the moors and many lands were repopulated with people of this northern territories.
6) Finally, most of the moors (and jews and even locals) were spelled from iberia.
7) Today, the genetic studies demonstrates that spaniards have very low amounts of genes of north african origin similar to other european countries.
8) 70% of spaniards have r1b Y-DNA, a typical western european haplogroup.
9) Iberia has been conquered by romans, visigoths, vandals.... Genetic pool of spaniards have very low traces of this people too, like moors invation because invations were mainly CULTURAL.
10) NO WAY spaniards look like north africans. Today we have many inmigrants of north african origins and they look very different. We can easily tell who is of north african origin and who is spaniard (or european). Of course there are dark spaniards and very light spaniards but overall we look similar to italians and southern french.

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