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Friday, February 15, 2013

Gaya was called Nippon-Fu (Japan-Domination) people

basically u r correct. Gaya was called Nippon-Fu (Japan-Domination) people were Japanese. Older Sillagi built Kudara. Sillagi was imigrant from Japan Kushu to peninsula. Sillagi was cultivated to enjoy life, but Kudara was effected by Chinese military custom to erode and rob Sillagi teritory. Nippon-Fu fed up attacking wars to allow Shillagi to beat Kudara to exterminate. Nippon-Fu withdrew from Gaya together with Kudara refugees around AD670. It was the beginnging of Southern Korean history.
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  • kazuko hotta
    There was no Gaya kingdom, it was ancient Japanese local territory.
    Iron was exported from Japan to Gaya.
    Funny, this footage chart is showing "Dokdo" which was not known in such old time,
    it was nest of sea lion of Japanese fishermen hunting.
    Totaly this footage is fake, and narration was stolen from Japan.
    It is shame of Korea to make such fake work on internet.

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