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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Greek in Italia is Doric

From about 700 BCE, the Etruscans settled around Tuscany and the Greeks in southern Italy. Etruscans probably came from Palestine and brought haplogroups J1, J2 and E with them. The Greeks in Italy were Doric and brought J2, E, G2a and probably more R1b. The Romans progressively absorbed the Etruscans and Italian Greeks and mixed with them. By the time of Julius Caesar Roman citizens were probably composed of 45% of R1b, 20% of J, 15% of E, 15% of G2a and 5% of I2a.

Italo-Celts were once probably a common people if you go back far enough.

People should really stop with this R1b propaganda. Everybody was R1b ha ha ha ha

Almost every person who ever did anything meaningful in the world was in fact R1b. Deal with it.

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