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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Is it me or does Roger Federer look a lot thinner these days than he looked for years. He has always been? mono

Is it me or does Roger Federer look a lot thinner these days than he looked for years. He has always been?

very fit, but I recently saw him on TV playing those Sampras Exhibition matches in Asia, and he almost looks skinny. Has he been dieting or something? He's 6' 1" and looks like he's 165 #, he normally was like 175-180 for years. Anyone else notice this?

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He needs a bit more extra weight for fat stores, for reserves to play the really long matches. I hope he doesn't have any kinda disease or anything.
6 years ago

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Oh my God!
He looks really creepy. He wasn't that thin at all.
He used 2 look better
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yes, not too be gay or anything, but he used to be better looking
  • yeah he does seem skinnier but i dont think its in a bad way. I think he just gained more muscle and lost more fat, which is better than losing weight over all. He is still listed as 170 something so his weight physically hasnt changed but appearence and over muscle percentage has gone up. Fed's fine..he actually looks better nowadays...


    muscle weighs more than fat! ( i think)
  • I've noticed it a little, although he's always been pretty thin, at least in person. I've had the chance to see him play several times and have seen him up close, and he is not a big guy - pretty tall, but with a thin muscular build.

    I'm surprised that he seems to have dropped a little weight.
  • I noticed it. I thought he looked thinner also, but I don't think I'd say skinny. I'm not sure I'd even say he's 165, he's listed as 177. He used to have a little bit of a belly.

    Perhaps he's more muscle and less fat? Maybe Gillet made him lose some weight for his commercials. Maybe samprass makes him seem smaller.
  • yups i totally agree with you...i saw him live in asia...for the exhibition matches...and yeah he was kinda thin...

    when i saw on aus open 06 he did have that lil belly thing goin he's lean...whether its a good thing or not...i aint sure...

    how many of you guys/gals have actually seen nadal up close? he's kinda skinny as well actually...muscle yes...but skinny

    fedex looks leaner and could probably be working on his physical to go one-on-one with nadal for the french...
  • I have noticed the same thing. Although he never has been fat or anything, but he was definitely not as hevy as he used to be. I still wouldn't say he is skinny but i still think he has some weight. When you think about it, If your the number one tennis player in the world, staying in shape is good!!!
  • I hear that he eats a lot of junk food. And Mirka puts on the weight.

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