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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Roger Federer lost weight after mono

Default-user-icon-comment Maureen Roudine posted 7 months ago Contributor I
I so agree with you! You notice they NEVER say the only reason he lost his #1 Ranking in the first place, is because he had Mono all of 2008, and was so sick he lost weight, didn't train the entire year, but valiantly played on anyway, allowing for the spankings he got in the Slams, which is why he lost Wimbie in 2008, & how the lack of training wrecked his back by year end, so he rolled into the 2009 AO injured, etc... They never use HIS illness as reasons for his own "poor" performance (if getting to Slam Finals and Semi's & Quarters is a "poor" performance), but they ALWAYS want to say it's only because of Rafa's injuries that "let" Roger move ahead. Never any credit to Fed at all for his own skills and accomplishments...
And yes, Novak DID come down to earth in 2012 from his stellar 2011 year, just as Rafa came down to earth in 2011 from HIS equally stellar 2010 year, but you never heard ANYONE talk smack about Rafa for doing that, or as being the reason why Novak got to excel in 2011... But for sure, according to crap articles like this, it MUST be because of Novak & Rafa playing worse in 2012 that allowed Roger to regain #1.... I am SICK of hearing crap like that!!!
Why can't EVERY player who achieves #1 just be praised for what THEY did to accomplish that, instead of always having to diminish Roger by saying it's due to the other player's failings somehow? They NEVER disrespect any OTHER #1 player that way, just Roger... And I am sick of it!!

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