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Friday, May 10, 2013

Roger Federer's stroke got much weaker after serious mono illness

After watching (way too many) videos of Roger's matches and highlights from 2004 to the present, I have noticed a change in his strokes. In 2004, Roger hit his forehand and his backhand very linearly, meaning that he swung from back to the front "through" the ball instead of the typical windshield wiper stroke that many pros have now. Every year, Roger added a bit of topspin to his forehand to keep it safer and to allow him some room for error.

In his prime in 2006, Roger had the perfect balance of spin and power. (Watch him at the US open). Now, in 2008, his strokes do not penetrate the court as they used to. Players like Djokovic have more time to tee-off on his shots. He needs to go back to his old 2006 self and hit the ball "flatter".

I feel as if he is suffering from the Andy Roddick complex. When he was in his prime, one of the only people that he had lots of trouble with was Federer. Roddick even said that because he was changing his game so that he could try to be competitive with Federer, the rest of the field caught up with him. I feel as if that is what has happened to Federer but with Nadal.

Plus i think that federer should switch back to the ncode paintjob because it is prettier.

That is all...thoughts?????

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