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Friday, May 10, 2013

Roger, slowed down by mono early on

Amit Shedha posted 7 months ago

I think Federer's most important slam was slam no.13. The US open 2008. This was the worst year for Roger, slowed down by mono early on, & as you pointed he had not even won a HC tournament that year, then Roger played arguably his most difficult slam, where he was more intense on court than ever seen before or after..Fighting for every point. He was not playing his best, but he badly wanted to win . I remember Borg commenting that Roger may well fall out of top 5 in a year and retire shortly, after his 2008 Wimbledon loss. Roger never answered him in any interview. He answered it with his game. And still people say Borg was mentally the toughest, IMO, he may have been during course of matches, but in terms of a career, he was not.

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