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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Arrogant Nadal cheated in French Open 2013 against Djokovic

06/09/2013 | 07:22 PM
(correction: somehow)
and in all 3 times they were important points and Nadal showed the umpire the position of the ball, I doubt that he showed him the right one because in all 3 times both umpires didn't take a good amount of time to decide while it was in by only a bit in the unofficial replay, so I guess Nadal showed the umpires the wrong mark..
06/09/2013 | 07:19 PM
Guys not sure but, I think Nadal somwhow cheated in SF and F in RG, during 2 important points in Djoko's match, ( 1 Djoko was gonna get a break point 2nd Nadal had a break point) Djokovic hit a really strong forehand that just touched the line, and it was called in ( in both cases ) and Nadal called the umpire who saw it and said out, however in the unofficial replay using technology both balls were in same thing happened today but only once in a point when David was going to have a break point

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