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Friday, June 7, 2013

Arrogant Nadal deny He never cheated when he has done it numerous times

Rafa has never cheated in his life, insist Team Nadal

Rafa Nadal's camp have assured Andy Murray their man will not resort to gamesmanship in today's Wimbledon semi-final.
The Spaniard's advisers denied the suggestion that the two-time champion has been bending the injury time-out rule to his advantage this fortnight.
Injury time: Rafa Nadal grimaces as a trainer examines his heel against Argentina's Juan Martin Del Potro
Injury time: Rafa Nadal grimaces as a trainer examines his heel against Argentina's Juan Martin Del Potro
When asked if Nadal ever uses the trainer to give himself a rest when things aren't going his way, his uncle Toni, who is also his coach, staunchly defended his nephew.
'People can say what they want but they are mistaken,' insisted Toni. 'Rafael is one of the most correct players in the world. He has never cheated in his life. If you think that, it is your problem.'
Nadal's entourage were involved in some angry words with Juan Martin del Potro's team on Monday after the champion called the trainer just before the first-set tiebreak, something the Argentine clearly felt was not very sporting.
In the groove: Nadal recovered to beat Juan Martin Del Potro in four sets
In the groove: Nadal recovered to beat Juan Martin Del Potro in four sets
The Spaniard recovered enough to win in four sets but the incident raised similar questions to last year, when Germany's Philipp Petzschner accused him of faking an injury so he could have a time-out during their third-round match. Murray said yesterday that any player using the trainer to create delays is cheating.
He insisted: 'It's not something that makes a whole lot of sense to me, to feign injury to make your opponent think otherwise.
'If players do it, it is totally the wrong thing to do. It's cheating. I haven't done it and don't plan on doing it.'

Go Rafa - I hope you thrash Andy Murray. Regards cheating - has no-one been watching Andy Murrayy???? He regularly has convenient injuries and I've yet to see it happen when he is winning - funny that! Anyway................I'm as English as they come and I hope Rafa sticks it to the foul mouthed, petulant, spoilt brat that is Andy Murray. Go Rafa Go Rafa GO.
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When you are gifted with a talent, there is no need to use such tactics. Nadal and especially the Spanish are never noted to be such kind of sportsmen. Remember he comes from the Home of Severiano Ballestros. However if you are a good player and need to make excuses before you lose a match , you would request that your opponent not cheat.
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Nadal does cheat and gets away with it. He has injury breaks at crucial moments in order to put off his opponents. We all know he does it.
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I commented after the Del Potro match that " just maybe" Rafa was indulging in a bit of gamesmanship. For one with such a painful injury to restart and win in such convincing style is beyond belief. It was long enough to distract his opponent's state of concentration. This trait, as it's not the first time that it has happened, must be carefully controlled. Having said that, Rafa is a magnificent athlete and I hope he wins Wimbledon if Djokovic doesn't.
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Nadal does not need to cheat to beat Andy Murrry.I think U.K newspapers should stop being petty.
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Dave,Azerbaijan,I don't think he wears a thong you can see his underpant line when he bends down but the constant pulling at them every time is as annoying as those hideous shrieking women players , and if he gets a rest over injury time then so does his opponent they'll have to learn not to get demoralised by it.
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It's time to stop allowing trainers on court. If you are injured thats just too bad. Nadal was cheating whatever anyone else says, he dragged out the time and that was pure cheating. Nadal is not the gentleman many people try to make him out to be.
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It was the same situation in the FO, when Andy hurt his ankle, but I guess we won't mention that!
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I just wish he would stop wearing those thongs as it is discusting watching him picking it out his backside every shot..........Surely someone has told him about this habit
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Nadal, while not actually cheating, is certainly bending the rules. An injury time out can only be claimed when an injury happens during a match, The time taken during the del Potro match was excessive, and due to poor umpiring
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