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Monday, June 10, 2013

Germanic settled in italia seperated themselves for 1500 years

Just an example...My family is from Lombardy (Milan and its surroundings)...My Grandma was Blonde, blue eyes, relatively tall (considering the period)...My mom has Brown hair, green eyes, very fair skin and she's a Typical "Baltic" (like many Germans)...Form the paternal side I had some relatives from the south...Their likings were just...different. although they had a very fair you know the palce were blondism and blue eyes are more prominent? Benevento (south) and some part of Puglia
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Do you know why? Because there are still places in the south were the Langobards Settled and in 1500 years they have been isolated form the rest of italians...they are still the descendants of those Germanic Tribes...Like some parts of sicily, especially Ragusa, Corleone were the Vikings Came...Actually if you look at Bernardo Provenzano and totò riina (the last "cosa nostra" Padrinos) you can trace some "nordic" blood in their likings...The son of Provenzano totally look Northern European!!!
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