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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Italians are more hairly than Spanish

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Are italians and spanish hairy?

I know a guy who is mestizo and he has italian and spanish ancestry and he is very hairy. The indigenous people of mexico rarely ever have any body hair so I am wondering if his hairiness is a result of his spanish and italian ancestry.

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The Italians are more famous for hairiness than the Spanish, but white Latinos in general are known for being hirsute- Portuguese, Italians, French and Spanish anyway. I have no experience with Romanians except for a couple I worked with and more than hairy I remember them being like the Wild and Crazy Guys popularized by Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd in the 1970s. Amerinds have less body hair than Caucasians. That is true, but the Italians and Spanish are by and large Caucasians. I am not aware of any Amerinds who are Spanish or Italian.
If you like a hairy bush like most guys do you can find some nice ones in Spain and Italy, but unfortunately there is also often disappointment because women there have begun shaving that part of their body for some reason. I know the allure of Italian women for me is the famous bush.
  • 3 years ago

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