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Saturday, June 22, 2013

mono virus can lead to CFS

aussiemarg 4478 pts
 JackFrost61 I would like to correct you....Mono can lead to CFS.I had Mono and after
6 months when I got worse not better I was diagnosed with CFS.I had CFS for 5 years
and was bed ridden for the 1st year.Lucky for me I got my health back.Others are not soo
lucky let me assure you.By the way I am also in the medical field.So I have great
knowledge on this subject.
aussiemarg 4478 pts
 JackFrost61 One more important factor regarding Mono.Once you contract it....even if you get over it.It always lies 'dorment' in your system.
JackFrost61 28 pts
This is completely unsubstantiated and theoretical.
JackFrost61 28 pts
 aussiemarg  Just because you had an unexplained symptom does not mean mono lead to CFS (which in itself is not a commonly accepted condition).  There are lots of doctors that with a diagnosis contrary to all scientific evidence (such as chronic lyme disease) and there is enough evidence to say that mono does not cause CFS, which like I said is not a validated disease, hence it being a syndrome.
aussiemarg 4478 pts
JackFrost.....I strongly disagree with you.CFS is a world wide acknowledged
by medical practioners it has been for sometime.There is a special blood test for CFS by the way.I think you need to need to bring yourself up to date on this condition for starters.It is a commonly accepted condition.I live in a country where there are top specialist's that deal with CFS and are leaders in this field and the rest of the world.I see that your not a doctor if you were you
would not be undermining the reality of CFS.

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