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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Romans described Gauls as having blonde hair

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Default Re: Did the Celt-Iberians resemble the blonde,blue-eyed Gauls?

Blonde, blue-eyed gauls??

LOL In 2011 there are still people that believe gauls were blonde.Romans and Greeks described them as blondes because romans and greeks had darker hair compare to them, but this doesn't mean they were blonde (moreover it has been proved that both greeks and romans used the word blonde to describe everyone with lighter hair than dark brown, in other words light brown hair were described by them as blonde too.)

As most of us know today, celts, and especially gauls, helvetii, belgae etc. were mostly brunnete, with strong blonde/red haired elements, and few black haired, but after all the majority were brunnetes.the only celtic nation with significant percentage of light hair are scots and the reason is the medieval scandinavian invasions.Celts linguisticly belonged to the italoceltic subgroup of southern IE subgroup of IE linguistic group.Their culture also was a little closer to roman world than to northern IE subgroup (germanics and balto-slavs) (for example they used to live in houses)

Anyway hair color doesn't matter, cause the percentages were different among tribes,The most important common thing in all gauls were their skull.So from what i have read to to this day about gauls,this:

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