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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Antonella Roccuzzo is italian

Leo Messi for SetteSette:Do you never talk about Italy?
Messi:No, never. But maybe now we'll do it.
Sette:Yet you are part Italian...
Messi:It's true. Many Argentinians are part Italian. Even my mother, Celia Cuccittini, is. And also my girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo...
Sette:She's like Minnie?
Messi:What do you mean, Minnie?
Sette:You've been together forever! You're practically a copy of Mickey and Minnie Mouse...
Leo:Yeah, we've known each other since we were six years old.
Sette:So you've been your whole life surrounded by Italians...
Leo:Pretty much.

Antonela Roccuzzo Blanco(Anto) was born February 26, 1988 in Rosario, Argentina. Her parents are Patricia Blanco and Jose Roccuzzo and she has two sisters, Paula and Carla. Antonella is the middle child. She studied Communications before she dropped out of college and then she moved to Barcelona to live with Leo Messi where she started studying English.She become and famous for her relationship with best player of world Lionel Messi and on 02.11.2012 was born the first child of couple Thiago Messi Roccuzzo.Antonella offical instagram @antoroccuzzo88

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