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Sunday, November 10, 2013

arrogant nadal cheat yet again

바브린카 인터뷰 이후 나달 대처

복불복2013.11.10 19:59

But asked about Wawrinka's comments, Nadal said all was resolved after the match in the changing rooms between the two players and Toni.

"Toni the other day was not coaching me, he told me nothing in particular with tactics. He just told me 'Come on' in the moments where people were quiet, so I was on the other side of the court, and Stan was there," Nadal said after beating Tomas Berdych, a result which enabled Stanislas Wawrinka to reach the last four of the ATP World Tour Finals at the expense of Berdych.

"It was after Stan had lost the first set, and he was in a very bad way at the end, so I understand that Wawrinka got upset at that moment," Nadal added on the player who smashed his racquet against the net and then the umpire's chair after losing the first set on a tiebreak.

"It was nothing about coaching. After the match, Stan and Toni talked in the locker room. Wawrinka felt sorry because he did it in that way, and Toni felt sorry because he never had the intention to bother Stan during the match. They talked for three minutes. Nothing happened."

Wawrinka tweeted a picture of Nadal after he helped him reach the last four, and Nadal said there are no hard feelings between himself and the Swiss.

"Wawrinka is one of the players that I have a better relationship with on tour. I felt sad during the match that he felt that way," Nadal said. "I told him 'I'm sorry, it's not going to happen again'. That's why I told Toni to stop because the relationship is more important than any match."


 나달 왈 토니는 날 코칭한게 아니며 특별한 전술을 이야기한게 아니라 단지 "힘내라" 라고 응원했을 뿐이다. 

 바브린카가 첫 세트를 진 이후(타이브렉에서 진 이후 라켓을 나달 들어오기 전 주심 앉는 곳에 두번이나 내려찍으며 부셔버렷었지)

 기분이 매우 상해있었을 것이기에 충분히 그런 감정은 이해한다고 받아들임. 

 베르딕과 나달 경기 이후를 준비중이엿던 바브린카는 자신이 나달 코칭에 대해서 이야기한 것에 대해서 토니에게 사과했고 

 토니도 바브린카에게 의도가 전혀없었음에도 니가 그렇게 느꼈다면 미안했다고 사과함.

 나달은 여전히 바브린카와 좋은 친분을 가지고 있다고 이야기하면서도 니가 오해하는 일은 다시 일어나지 않을 것이라고 오히려 사과

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