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Sunday, November 24, 2013

morrocans have lighter complexion than italians

The term black and white is a fallacy created by the
white racism propagated in the USA. In other countries
people are described by their ethnicity. Persians, 
Pakistanians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, 
etc. Depending on the location of the people determined
their skin tone.The system used here is way towards 
bul lshit. for instance you can have white skin and be a 
descendant from a person of African decent and
an Inuit and they would call you a black person. Same eg
person of European decent fathers a child from an Inuit(Eskimo), child would be called white regardless of skin
color> Same difference with Italians, not all have white
skin, and there is a reason behind it so why are they 
all called white people> Are Morrocan white people, most
of them have fairer complexions than Italians(Sicilians).
The Black/White thing doesn't work in American and
doesn't work for the rest of the world either!
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