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Friday, February 14, 2014

ainu is caucasians and caucasian is second oldest race comment

Robert Aldrich
2개월 전

This video does not match does not match the write-up. It does not show that the first Chinese were Black Negro Africans versus the more widespread historical data that the first people in China were Caucasoid like the Ainu of Japan.

Robert Aldrich
1개월 전

There is no evidence that the Ainu are of Dravidian or Sumerian origins. If there are please cite. Anyways even if they were, those groups are Caucasian. The Ainu are a Proto-Mongoloid race that is descended from Caucasians. White is not a race, Caucasian is the race.  Just like Black is not a race, it is a skin color. Ainu were treated like dirt because the lost the wars to the invading Japanese, like the Native Americans did. The Japanese treated the Ainu poorly, because they were a different race. It is more than straight hair that makes the Ainu Caucasoid. They have long skulls, light or white skin when not working out in the sun all day, narrow noses, deep eyes, long noses and Caucasoid limb ratios. in case you did not know, Caucasians evolved from Negro East Africans in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. So everyone is descended from Negro Africans.

Robert Aldrich
1개월 전

Well since Caucasians are the second oldest race, that disqualifies everyone outside of sub-Saharan except for the Aborigines, Negritos and recently out of Africa people. I hope you understand that what you are saying is very biased and racist. Judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. I thought that disqualifying some one for a job based on their race was illegal almost everywhere.
Eritrea, where Negro Africans first left Africa successfully 60,000-80,000 years ago is hundreds of miles from Nubia and Nubia was not inhabited at the time. Dravidians are either classified as Caucasian or in between Caucasian and Mongoloid. Also they are 2 times closer to Europeans than East Asians. They do have some admixture from the Australoid (ancient Aborigines), so they can be considered part Negroid. Dravidians can be dark skinned and that leads people to think they are Black or Negro. Also I have been mainly using Wikipedia for my sources. If you have a scientific argument that Ainu are Negro, I would like to hear it.

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