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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Greek invented the science

E. Saridakis · Baylor University Guys, you have a reason in saying that there is a form of bias in favour the west. However this is not totally wrong. Science is a different thing than the collection of information and knowledge. For example although making additions, subtractions multiplications was known by the Babylonians before, it was the Greeks that turn Mathematics to a science. Similarly, although the basic knowledge of geometry was invented by the Egyptians in or to be able to find again their exact properties after each year Nile flood, it was the Greeks that turn geometry to Science. The same physics, astronomy etc etc Similarly, although the first 'states' and therefore kind of 'governa were formed in Mesopotamia, it was in Greece and Rome that law and governance took an organised and scientific form. So this is what is attributed to the West. The beginning of Science the beginning of knowledge. PS: (for example Baudhayana Sutra indeed knew the Pythagorean theorem 100 years before Pythagoras but he did nothing with that was Pythagoras who embedded that in proofs in geometrica problems. Actually the notion of 'proof' it was totally invented by Greeks, it was unknown to all the others before them. And the historians believe that it was the democratic court system that led the notion of proof: a citizen had to "prove" to the judge-citizens he was innocent, and not pray to the emperor for his innocence). Dec 23, 2012

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