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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

basketball is extremely boring

every people say basketball or american sports are extremely boring so it seems americans got mad at people and started attacking football lol. believe me basketball or other stupid american sport are extremely boring compared to football because all they do in basketball is bouncing around and scoring is too easy by throwing balls curvy and weak but in football its so exciting that people yell like crazy even in only chances of shootings lol. that's why Nobody watch basketball. Ive watched american sports but even american people who think their boring sports are exciting has a, I can see, boring reaction. americans doesnt have electricfying reaction to the sports that people have when they watch football. I dont understand why americans say football is boring when they watch real extremely boring sports. i think they got just mad after hearing people outside of US say basketball is extremely boring and nobody watch basketball so angry americans started attacking football jealously in every football videos in youtube lol.

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