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Thursday, December 25, 2014

ancient iberians have blonde and red hair according to Romans

Dec 5 2010, 05:07 PM
The description of the Silures is from Tacitus and is quoted in comparing the Silures with their similarities to Iberians:

I hardly think being notably "sunburnt" in the hills of the Wales is a common trait and yours is the only translation I have seen of this passage that attempts to alter it in this way. I recognise your leanings, but you need not fear the idea of swarthy Britons.
The mistake is assuming the ancient Iberians were a swarthy Mediterranean people. Note how Jordanes describes them:

Jordanes, Getica, 2. 13 (551 AD):

‘‘The inhabitants of Caledonia have reddish hair and large loose-jointed bodies.
They are like the Gauls or the Iberians, according as they are opposite either nation.’’

Redheaded Iberians? Something you won't find mentioned on Deinekes blog. :lol:

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